In conjunction with our Indalo show, we had the privilege to hold weekly workshops in the McMullen galley. During these workshops we worked on fabric appliqué pieces which followed the theme of the show Indalo, birds. Each participant was given the opportunity to practice techniques used by the women of the Keiskamma Art Project and experience the process that went into each tapestry on display. The results were amazing! Each piece created by the participants was better then we could have imagined and the time spent socializing over the embroidery techniques offered the opportunity to raise awareness of Keiskamma Canada Foundation and the work of the Keiskamma Trust. We would like to thank all of those who took time out of their days to embroider and chat with us! Below are some photos taken during the workshops and a few sample of the work that was created.


For more information about the show or to view the tapestries available for sale please click here.

Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 1.03.44 PM

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