The Nguni cows are a sign of wealth for the Xhosa people and are indigenous to southern Africa. When we are in Hamburg with The Keiskamma Trust they are an everyday sight and encounter. They amble, saunter and loiter. If you don’t park your car in a fenced yard you will find cow pies neatly and not so neatly around your car and your mirrnguni cow 1ors off kilter because the cows have been licking them. They let their presence be known one way or the other and they often demand the right of way on the road. They come in remarkable patterns and colours and have names to match. Who wouldn’t love a dappled cow named “Gaps Between The Branches” or a spotted cow named “Flies in the Milk”? Legend has it that great herds of Nguni cows roam the sky and their hoofs stamp holes that make the stars.