Edmonton Artist William PrettieMy life as an artist has been filled with the rewards of searching for those most elusive of concepts known as truth and beauty. The discovery of the connections between those ideals and the philosophical search for the ability to describe universal human justice, equity and fairness has occupied me now for decades. The understanding that our current systems and institutions are lacking in their capacity to uniformly produce these values on the ground is a driving force in my life.

The discovery of the Keiskamma group, who nevertheless are working to mitigate some of the worst effects of our extant systems and institutions, came about over two years ago. That contact with people who are pouring their own energies into this worthy endeavour convinced me that there was a need for me to respond to what I had found by producing an art-work that would explore the Keiskamma story.

“… But Not Lost” is that response.

In my belief system, if there is injustice anywhere then there is justice nowhere. I do not believe we currently live in a fair and reasonable world. My hope is that my artworks can contribute to the creation of such a world.